How can therapy help you and your loved ones?


People have thoughts, beliefs, feelings, physical sensations, and behaviors.  Each therapist focuses on these as it suits your needs.  By learning more about yourself you can have more ability to make choices which enrich your life and stop doing things which make you angry, confused, afraid, or sad.  Your therapist may also ask you about [...]

How can therapy help you and your loved ones?2021-07-25T19:38:49-04:00

How will I know when it is time to stop therapy?


Each person’s needs are very individualized.  This is a very good question to ask your own therapist! It is very important not to end therapy prematurely. Sometimes other issues such as a busy schedule or cost of treatment will lead people to terminate therapy prematurely. Be sure to talk about these concerns with your therapist [...]

How will I know when it is time to stop therapy?2021-07-23T15:04:24-04:00

When a teenager comes to therapy what happens?


A teen is assumed to deserve the same respect and privacy as anyone.  All legal parents/guardians must authorize treatment but what a child/teen says in therapy is kept private (except for a few circumstances that the law requires). Therapy does, however, try to provide tools for teens to help them communicate in the best ways [...]

When a teenager comes to therapy what happens?2021-07-23T15:04:00-04:00

Can I ask questions before I make an appointment?


Certainly!  In fact, each individual therapist will encourage everyone to be absolutely certain they have chosen the right therapist for themselves and know there may be many questions to ask. We are here for you! No question is offensive, too difficult, silly, or “stupid”! We are highly trained and experienced therapists. Our utmost goal is [...]

Can I ask questions before I make an appointment?2021-07-23T15:03:29-04:00

I am divorced and feel my child would benefit from therapy. How does it work?


In order for a child to be seen BOTH parents who have LEGAL custody must sign an authorization to treat.  If possible, all parents the child sees or has access to should have contact with the therapist in order to facilitate the best therapeutic outcome. Your therapist can discuss this with you further at the [...]

I am divorced and feel my child would benefit from therapy. How does it work?2021-07-23T15:03:07-04:00

What can you expect at the first appointment?


When you first arrive at our office, just come on in and have a seat! We have a waiting area at both locations so there is no need to knock! Your therapist will greet you personally in the waiting room and will review relevant paperwork.  You can help by bringing your insurance ID card and [...]

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Will my insurance cover therapy?


Insurance may cover therapy or may not.  Sometimes insurance will cover just a few sessions and you may also have an annual deductible or a coinsurance amount or copayment per session. A deductible is the amount of money an insurance plan requires you to pay before the plan will cover things. Some companies have individual [...]

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How long does therapy last?


The length of therapy will depend on your needs, the treatment plan, and your discussion with your therapist. We develop step down plans that can take as long as necessary so that you are able to test out your newly learned skills and feel confident in your growth before fully terminating sessions. Sometimes insurance rules [...]

How long does therapy last?2021-07-23T15:01:07-04:00

How often will I go to therapy?


Usually, therapy is conducted once a week for about an hour each session, but this depends on your needs.  You and your therapist will discuss your treatment and make a plan together. Some issues are short-term and due to a specific cause. These issues can be successfully managed with solution focused therapy which can take [...]

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What happened during a Childs play therapy?


When young children come to our office they don’t always have the words to tell their therapist how they feel. Play therapy is used to help the child feel safe and comfortable talking about concerns or emotions they are struggling with. Different interventions will be used to change the child’s awareness and learn more about [...]

What happened during a Childs play therapy?2021-07-23T13:05:10-04:00
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