When you first arrive at our office, just come on in and have a seat! We have a waiting area at both locations so there is no need to knock! Your therapist will greet you personally in the waiting room and will review relevant paperwork.  You can help by bringing your insurance ID card and intake paperwork which we send to you in your confirmation email.  The forms ask for information on your personal and family history. This helps us paint a better picture of what is affecting your life currently and may show us other places to explore in terms of family dynamics, learned behaviors and more importantly your personal safety.

We will also go over our consent to treatment document. This will review policies and procedures that pertain to your treatment such as confidentiality, what we do with your protected health information, how to best communicate with us and what our charges are for specific services.

Your therapist will help you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have. Since each therapist at our office is independent (we are not an agency or company) your first appointment experience will vary slightly from therapist to therapist.  You can always ask questions in advance, of course, about what to expect. Feel free to take your time and ease into this therapeutic relationship. Don’t worry about saying things to embarrass or offend us! We are highly trained and have a strong skill set that allows us to hear difficult things.  Our job is to help you heal as fast and effectively as possible.