Project Description

Struggling to ask for help?

Addictions are often a family issue, and we help both the recovery process and treating the co-dependent behavior of family members. There’s an old maxim about addiction abuse which says that a substance abuser has to hit rock bottom before the process of healing can begin. Many experts in the field of addiction treatment, as well as former substance abusers, dispute that claim. Addiction is a chronic condition. That this is something they will battle for a long time. And that there’s no shame in seeking help for such a persistent and dangerous condition.

Dealing with any kind of addiction is why we are to help. Addictions can be to drugs, alcohol, sex, social media and others not mentioned. No matter the area, we are here to help. If you have any of the listed symptoms, counseling would benefit you:

  • Repeated use
  • Denial
  • Blaming others or circumstances

  • Physical dependance


Things don’t always have to be like this

Therapy is a great way to help you combat your addiction and manage emotional triggers. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we help our patients learn what distortions or negative core beliefs are driving them to seek constant connectivity. We also dive in to see why we need approval from social media platforms to any addiction matter. Together we will work on ways to combat automatic responses that continue our dependence whatever the case may be.  Sometimes we have been out of the real world for so long, we no longer trust our communication skills.

Your therapist will help you rebuild effective ways of communicating with others. And help you feel more assertive and engaged in face-to-face relationships.


Our process

Do you have trouble completing tasks? Or have a constant fear of being found out? Do you even try to hide or lie about the amount of time you spend thinking about your addiction?  This is true regardless if it is drugs, alcohol, sex, or even food? Then give us a call today.  We have several therapists who specialize in addiction and OCD and can help you learn how to break your habit and regain your life. Contact us to start a treatment plan and resolve any addiction within your family.



When was the last time someone listened to you?  Really listened and provided active feedback.

To get started let our intake coordinator connect you with our therapist who is your best fit for your needs