The Power of Positivity: Choosing to See the Bright Side


The world is in a state, to say the least. It’s full of anxiety and fear. It feels chaotic and overwhelming. As soon as we seem to have a grip on things, things change again. For some, it feels…well…a little hopeless. But there’s a group of us holding strong in [...]

The Power of Positivity: Choosing to See the Bright Side2021-07-22T13:34:13-04:00

Your Partner Just Wants Better Communication


Valentine’s Day was only a week ago. And we’re sure that there was some disappointment out there in regard to meeting expectations. Before you throw your significant other in the emotional doghouse, take a moment to reflect upon your communication. If you were expecting something big and romantic, did you [...]

Your Partner Just Wants Better Communication2021-07-22T14:07:25-04:00

You Can’t Move on Without Forgiveness


Ah, the new year. A wonderful time to focus on new goals and reset priorities to reach them. Some people set similar goals year after year, only to find that they aren’t every really reaching them. If this sounds like you, forgiveness may be the key to unlocking your potential. [...]

You Can’t Move on Without Forgiveness2021-08-19T17:05:31-04:00

Being Anti-Social During the Most Social Time of the Year


If you identify as an introvert, you might be starting to feel a bit burnt out. While, Halloween may be over, next come two of the most popular and social holidays. Just thinking about Friendsgiving’s, family gatherings, office parties, and running into old acquaintances may be enough to make you [...]

Being Anti-Social During the Most Social Time of the Year2021-07-22T01:56:18-04:00

Coping with a Roommate


Having a roommate can be a wonderful experience for some, but we’ve all heard an anecdotal tale about a terrible roommate. As we reach the middle of the semester, you may be feeling emotionally and physically exhausted with both classes and dorm life. But learning to grow and adapt to [...]

Coping with a Roommate2021-07-22T12:59:05-04:00
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