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Does agoraphobia come with the new ‘normal’?


What really comes with the new ‘normal’? The time we have all waited patiently for is right around the corner. With the help of the three, effective vaccines and hardworking scientists, the United States’ COVID-19 rates have continued to decline. Although it seems as if there should be only highs from here, many people [...]

Does agoraphobia come with the new ‘normal’?2021-08-19T17:07:57-04:00



“When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing, you heal the Earth. You do make a difference.” Laurel Steinhice; Channeling the Earth Mother (In Diane Stein’s Dreaming the Past, Dreaming the Future: A Herstory of the Earth) Reiki is an approach that involves touch and channeling energy to a [...]


Musings of a Quarantined Therapist


Graham Cracker Crust with Inner Mallow: Musings of a Quarantined Therapist It is times such as these, where one’s true character is revealed. It is times such as these where the testament of the human spirit shines bright— but who the hell would’ve thought we’d have to survive COVID-19, a [...]

Musings of a Quarantined Therapist2021-08-19T17:12:14-04:00

Staying Sane while Social Distancing


For more information about CPA - Counseling If you need help and support, know we are here to do just that. Cristina Panaccione and Associates Counseling has two locations in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and in Robinson Township. We are currently accepting a limited number of new patients. So check our services pages [...]

Staying Sane while Social Distancing2021-08-19T17:27:40-04:00

Keeping Your Sanity During Social Distancing


We are living in interesting times. It seems as though over a weekend our lives have completely changed. And just as suddenly, we have had to adapt as a community for the greater good. Social distancing has been recommended globally as a means of “flattening the curve”. It’s one of [...]

Keeping Your Sanity During Social Distancing2021-07-22T13:36:37-04:00

To Our CPA Family,


As our priority has always been the safety and wellbeing of our clients, we are officially closing our office, Monday, March 23, 2020 until further notice. We have made this decision with heavy hearts as we feel this is the socially responsible response to the Covid-19 outbreak as a means [...]

To Our CPA Family,2021-08-19T17:32:14-04:00

The Power of Positivity: Choosing to See the Bright Side


The world is in a state, to say the least. It’s full of anxiety and fear. It feels chaotic and overwhelming. As soon as we seem to have a grip on things, things change again. For some, it feels…well…a little hopeless. But there’s a group of us holding strong in [...]

The Power of Positivity: Choosing to See the Bright Side2021-07-22T13:34:13-04:00

Should You Take Your Kids Out of School to Go to Therapy?


While the concept of therapy and counseling is becoming more mainstream in recent years, there is still a negative stigma surrounding it. This is why as a parent, contemplating the idea that your child may need therapy can feel overwhelming. These decisions aren’t easy, especially when you need to make [...]

Should You Take Your Kids Out of School to Go to Therapy?2021-07-22T14:00:40-04:00
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