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Building Healthy Relationships


Building Healthy Relationships: Communication and Emotional Support When we talk about the essence of a healthy relationship, communication and emotional support stand out as cornerstones. Nurturing a bond where transparency, understanding, and mutual respect thrive can pave the way for lasting connections. In this journey, we'll delve into the art of constructive communication and [...]

Building Healthy Relationships2023-09-28T18:33:35-04:00

Stress in the workplace


Managing Stress in the Workplace: Tips for Improved Mental Health Hey, friends! Work can be super rewarding but let's face it—sometimes it’s also a hotbed of stress. Today, we're discussing ways to keep cool and maintain mental wellness at your job. Signs of stress in the workplace First off, let's get real. Stress shows [...]

Stress in the workplace2023-09-27T18:16:36-04:00

Caregiving for a parent


When Caregiving for an Aging Parent Stirs Up Old Emotional Pain Hi there, it's Crissy from CPA-Counseling. I wanted to talk to you about something quite a few of us go through, often in silence: the emotional toll of caring for an aging parent. The Emotional Impact of Caregiving It's an enormous responsibility. Taking [...]

Caregiving for a parent2023-08-23T14:37:46-04:00

Relocation Anxiety: Tips and Strategies to Cope


Relocation Anxiety: Tips and Strategies to Cope The experience of moving is akin to turning the pages of a gripping novel. It holds the promise of new chapters and beginnings, yet with every turned page, there's an apprehension of what lies ahead. The whirlwind of emotions often includes relocation anxiety, which, while natural, requires [...]

Relocation Anxiety: Tips and Strategies to Cope2023-08-12T08:34:27-04:00

Back to School Anxiety


Back to School Anxiety: Easing Your Child's Transition Back to School Hey there, parents! Summer’s end often stirs mixed emotions in our homes.  Getting ready for back to school is more than just shopping for new clothes and supplies.  Excitement fills the air, but so does anxiety. And guess what? That's entirely normal. Most [...]

Back to School Anxiety2023-08-11T15:02:06-04:00

The Power of Validation


The Power of Validation Consider the last time you vented frustrations to a friend, family member, or significant other. How did they react? Did they say things like, “Give it time, and it will seem insignificant,” or “It’s not that big of a deal”? If so, how did that make you feel in return? [...]

The Power of Validation2023-08-11T15:02:16-04:00

Post-Vacation Blues


It's time to overcome Your Post-Vacation Blues! You know that feeling when you've been daydreaming about a vacation for weeks, only to find out the reality was way off from your dreamy Pinterest board? Yeah, we've been there too. And girl, it can sting. But what if we told you that even these not-so-great [...]

Post-Vacation Blues2023-08-11T15:02:44-04:00

Self-care tips for moms


Self-Care Tips for Moms to Thrive Through the Summer: A Guide from CPA-Counseling Today, we spotlight a truly essential topic: self-care for moms during summer. As you tirelessly work towards ensuring a smooth and exciting summer for your children, we want to ensure you do not forget to take care of your needs as [...]

Self-care tips for moms2023-08-11T15:11:34-04:00

Helping Your Child Transition to Summer Break Successfully


How to Help Your Child Transition to Summer Break Successfully Ah, Summer Breaks - the best of times...the worst of times. As the school year comes to a close, children and parents alike look forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer. However, transitioning from school to summer can be difficult for some children. [...]

Helping Your Child Transition to Summer Break Successfully2023-08-11T15:12:04-04:00

Welcoming Dana Werner, LMSW, to the CPA Counseling Family


Hello to our beautiful CPA Counseling community! I hope you're doing well and staying healthy. I have some exciting news that I've been waiting to share with you. Our CPA Counseling family is growing! Today, I am thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our dedicated team, Dana Werner, LMSW. Who is Dana Werner, [...]

Welcoming Dana Werner, LMSW, to the CPA Counseling Family2023-08-11T15:11:51-04:00
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