Introducing Melissa Helfer

I help you feel comfortable with yourself

I know that life has been hard, especially lately

Close your eyes and take a moment to reflect back on the last time you felt a sense of peace and belonging or your inner light sparked joy. Maybe you want to experience more of this or need guidance on how to create it. 

Take a moment and thank yourself for prioritizing your motivation to change, heal, and become that best version of yourself today. 

Together, we can work toward your treatment goals using:

  • Evidence based practices intertwined with a holistic approach

  •  Person-centered therapy to meet each client where you are

  • Interventions such as CBT, DBT, REBT, IFS, mindfulness and motivational interviewing

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Life can be worth living again

By changing thinking patterns and behaviors we can work toward changing the discomfort and inability to sit with your thoughts and feelings, to establishing comfort and enjoyment. 

As a licensed professional counselor, I have extensive experience working with clients on drug & alcohol addictions and their recovery and complex trauma.  I also work heavily with anxiety, depression, family & relationship conflict, self-esteem/self-worth, co-occurring disorders, and much more. 

 Whether you are stuck in your past or fear the unknown and what lies ahead, we can create a way to focus on the present moment using mindfulness techniques. 

We will use techniques to detach from what we don’t have control of and choose to focus on what we do have control of. Using choice theory interventions, it will become simple to make decisions and feel as though you can gain control of your life again.


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My Process

Turing pain and grief into something that is beautiful – inner light – empowerment, encouragement, satisfaction in life. Finding a set of healthy behaviors that allow you to feel good and enjoy life, whether that is hiking, kayaking, reading, hobbies, dating, shopping with friends biking, etc….

I know you have probably looked at the techniques being used today by therapists.  I have worked extensively with patients suffering from addiction, depression, and anxiety.  I know that there is no one size fits all path to wellness.  I also know that sometimes that path can be winding – going uphill, downhill, sometimes rocky, sometimes narrow.  I am an expert at guiding you on your path to recovery.

Building rapport – starting with where you are and working with you. I use humor. I help you understand the reason behind your actions. I want to understand how and what you are feeling and why, so I can help you understand it and make meaningful change by applying the proper psychotherapy techniques needed for you to overcome your negative behavior patterns.

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Your end result

You control yourself.  You have a sense of peace and when anxiety or depression rears its head as it always will, you have the skills to deal with occurrences with confidence.

 You have control, have relationships, and inner peace.  This is facilitated by a sense of purpose and meaning.  This is fueled by positive self-talk.  You end up confident with yourself and enjoy spending time with yourself.

 I will help you develop healthy communication and healthy boundaries with others, so you have a healthy lifestyle.


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When was the last time someone listened to you?  Really listened and provided active feedback.

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