Helping Your Child Cope with School Stress


If you’re a parent, you full well know that the school system has changed since you last had to go to homeroom. What once was a place of peer socialization and inquisitive curiosity, has now morphed into priorities of test scores, GPA’s, and college acceptance letters. High levels of perfectionism [...]

Helping Your Child Cope with School Stress2021-07-22T23:28:26-04:00

Mental Health Support: Setting Your Child Up for Success


As a parent, you have a number of things to worry about in regard to your child. You have to cater to their needs, like providing food, proper clothing, and putting them to bed at a reasonable hour. But how often do you think about their mental and emotional needs? [...]

Mental Health Support: Setting Your Child Up for Success2021-07-22T23:32:15-04:00

PSA: Self-Care Makes You a Better Parent (Seriously!)


Summer is the time of year many of us look forward to. From summer camps and sports tournaments to long bike rides and playdates, kids seem to be busier than ever. But what about you? What are YOU doing this summer (and coordinating calendars doesn’t count!!)? While raising kids can [...]

PSA: Self-Care Makes You a Better Parent (Seriously!)2021-07-22T23:36:11-04:00

Your Dreams on Hold: Are You Living Vicariously Through Your Child?


Let’s be honest. Life can be disappointing. And for some people, that disappointment or frustration can push a person to try harder to achieve their dreams. But for some parents, they deal with those life disappointments by living vicariously through their children. We’re sure you’ve seen it; overbearing “wanna-be coach” dads and overdramatic stage moms. [...]

Your Dreams on Hold: Are You Living Vicariously Through Your Child?2019-05-28T11:54:42-04:00

Parental Self-Care: Teens


A few weeks ago, we published a blog about the stress levels of teens. And while teens today are seriously stressed, many seem to forget that their parents are just as stressed. In 2014, the American Psychological Association ran a survey entitled Stress in America. This study found that parents who have a child under [...]

Parental Self-Care: Teens2019-04-30T15:04:39-04:00

Anxiety Help: Products Vs. Lifestyle


If you type “anxiety” into the Amazon search bar, you are met with seven pages of search results. From stress balls, aromatherapy mists, and gummy “calm” vitamins to audio books, teas, and weighted blankets, there are no shortages of possible anxiety relief solutions. In a culture where therapy is still stigmatized and access to healthcare [...]

Anxiety Help: Products Vs. Lifestyle2019-03-20T08:51:56-04:00
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