Usually, therapy is conducted once a week for about an hour each session, but this depends on your needs.  You and your therapist will discuss your treatment and make a plan together. Some issues are short-term and due to a specific cause. These issues can be successfully managed with solution focused therapy which can take a few weeks to a couple months.

Other times, we start working on a specific issue in treatment that seems superficial, and then we discover some pretty deep links to the past. When that happens, it may extend treatment a little longer. We will check in with you many times throughout treatment to determine how you are progressing and what steps to make next. Often we will step down to every other week and then monthly before discharging from treatment.

We will work with you on step down plans that will set you up for success! If you ever leave treatment but find you would like to return to your therapist in the future, we can get you started again too! Some of our patients come back every so often to be sure they are on track or even just drop us a note in celebration of a victory or milestone. Remember, your care is paramount here! We want you to be able to succeed in life and live it to the fullest, not stay in our offices forever!