Insurance may cover therapy or may not.  Sometimes insurance will cover just a few sessions and you may also have an annual deductible or a coinsurance amount or copayment per session.

A deductible is the amount of money an insurance plan requires you to pay before the plan will cover things. Some companies have individual deductibles or family deductibles and every plan offers something different so be sure to contact your company for detailed information on this.

Copays and coinsurance payments will begin after the plan deductible is met.  Copayments are fixed amounts you will pay per service. These can differ between insurance plans and even between services. Coinsurance is typically a percentage that you pay as a shared cost per service.

It is important to have as much information possible so you can best plan the financial arrangements. When you call or email us to schedule an appointment we can assist you with insurance benefits information, but sometimes it is not fully accurate. It is best to contact your insurance yourself too and double or triple check the coverage. Also be aware of when your policy end dates are as some companies will change copays or deductible amount annually. It is important to know what your plan covers as anything not paid by insurance may become your financial responsibility.