“When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing, you heal the Earth. You do make a difference.” Laurel Steinhice; Channeling the Earth Mother (In Diane Stein’s Dreaming the Past, Dreaming the Future: A Herstory of the Earth) Reiki is an approach that involves touch and channeling energy to a [...]


Keeping Your Sanity During Social Distancing


We are living in interesting times. It seems as though over a weekend our lives have completely changed. And just as suddenly, we have had to adapt as a community for the greater good. Social distancing has been recommended globally as a means of “flattening the curve”. It’s one of [...]

Keeping Your Sanity During Social Distancing2021-07-22T13:36:37-04:00

The Power of Positivity: Choosing to See the Bright Side


The world is in a state, to say the least. It’s full of anxiety and fear. It feels chaotic and overwhelming. As soon as we seem to have a grip on things, things change again. For some, it feels…well…a little hopeless. But there’s a group of us holding strong in [...]

The Power of Positivity: Choosing to See the Bright Side2021-07-22T13:34:13-04:00

Should You Take Your Kids Out of School to Go to Therapy?


While the concept of therapy and counseling is becoming more mainstream in recent years, there is still a negative stigma surrounding it. This is why as a parent, contemplating the idea that your child may need therapy can feel overwhelming. These decisions aren’t easy, especially when you need to make [...]

Should You Take Your Kids Out of School to Go to Therapy?2021-07-22T14:00:40-04:00

What is Art Therapy?


I am sure you have heard about the trend in coloring books and doodling. You can go to your local bookstore, grocery store, and even toy store to find intricate and detailed coloring books. While those coloring books are beautiful and lovely (I have a few myself), they are not [...]

What is Art Therapy?2021-07-22T14:06:20-04:00

Your Partner Just Wants Better Communication


Valentine’s Day was only a week ago. And we’re sure that there was some disappointment out there in regard to meeting expectations. Before you throw your significant other in the emotional doghouse, take a moment to reflect upon your communication. If you were expecting something big and romantic, did you [...]

Your Partner Just Wants Better Communication2021-07-22T14:07:25-04:00

Treatment 101: Emotion-Focused Therapy


Have you ever been told your “too emotional?” Maybe it’s been pointed out that you cry too much or can get overly moody. Have comments like that caused you to try to repress and hold in your emotions as much as possible? Today we want to talk about a type of therapy that puts your [...]

Treatment 101: Emotion-Focused Therapy2021-07-22T14:03:43-04:00

Senior Self-Care on a Fixed Income


Today’s senior self-care blog is a collaboration piece written by Karen Weeks. How Seniors Can Stay Well and Spend Less? If you’re a senior living on a fixed income, you don’t have a lot of money to spare for luxuries. However, that doesn’t mean you should forgo self-care. Self-care is [...]

Senior Self-Care on a Fixed Income2021-07-22T14:13:30-04:00
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