Why therapy?

Psychotherapy is a professional conversation focused on increasing self-awareness and mental, emotional and relational well-being. You may wonder if psychotherapy is worth the time, money and effort. This is particularly true of you are a long term resident of the Pittsburgh area – especially the affluent areas of the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  Those of us that have grown up in western Pennsylvania have been taught to rely on ourselves and our family and not look outside of the family for help. So – Why therapy?  Why should we risk talking to an outsider, even if that outsider is attained mental health professional?

Therapy is  Needed:

Research indicates between 30-50% of adults experience deep emotional difficulty at some point in their life.  Everyone needs someone to talk to, and many benefit from the wise, caring support of a trained professional. When was the last time that you allowed yourself the pleasure of being the center of attention for an hour long conversation that is all about you?  When we work with a therapist, we gain insight about ourselves because we get to see ourselves through the eyes of another person.

Therapy is Effective:

People generally have fewer negative emotional symptoms and report experiencing a higher overall quality of life after receiving therapy. Many people today are stretched up to an beyond their limits form the demands of family and work. We help put your life in perspective and begin to look at things differently.  It allows you to be able to see the changes that you want to bring into your life so you have that higher quality life.

Therapy is Lasting:

People who receive psychotherapy actually continue to improve and flourish after therapy ends. Along with reducing symptoms, therapy also helps you understand the underlying issues and make decisions in your life that can provide healing, growth, and positive change.

Therapeutic approaches offer families and individuals the means to help handle life’s challenges.  We will work with your needs and goals in mind to help you live your life to the fullest.  One of the best ways of getting to know our approach and practice areas is to review our blog and our video channel to see how we operate.  After you check these out, please contact us for an appointment to see if we are a good fit.