Relationship checklist – are you the type of person that likes to look at lists? Do you ever wish life came with a manual, a How-To-Tutorial on navigating through the obstacles of life? You aren’t the only one. While there isn’t a tried and true book on successful romantic relationships, there are behaviors that can cause concern. Read through the following list and make a note of things that resonate with you regarding your current relationship.

Relationship Checklist:

  • Even though you live together, you feel you lead separate lives
  • Most of your conversations revolve around finances, chores and other home-related tasks
  • Your relationship feels more like a partnership rather than a romantic relationship
  • Your relationship rarely feels passionate and spontaneous, and rather feels safe and routine
  • You often find yourself attracted to and/or are actively flirting with someone that is not your partner
  • Date nights are a rare occurrence
  • You often entertain the thought of ending the relationship
  • Hugging and holding hands is a rare occurrence
  • You have sex less than once a week
  • You find it difficult and uncomfortable to discuss sex with your partner
  • After a big life change – such as having kids, changing jobs, etc – your sex life reduced and you still haven’t found the upswing to get it back on track
  • You think your partner has “changed” in a less than positive way since the relationship started
  • You notice you share fewer and fewer interests with your partner
  • Your friends and family don’t understand why you and your partner are together in the first place
  • Unless you are fighting, you and your partner do not engage in direct conversation regarding your relationship
  • And the same fights come up over and over again
  • You are afraid to express your real feelings to your partner and/or your partner is afraid to express their true feelings to you
  • You do not feel like you and your partner are equals in the relationship
  • Your parents do/did not have a healthy and loving relationship
  • You have tried doing things to “fix” your relationship like moving in together or having kids
  • Often, you find yourself dreading spending time alone with your partner
  • You continually compare your partner to others you know
  • You often go to someone other than your partner to vent and find emotional support

Were you being vulnerable and fully honest with yourself? If you answered “Yes” to five or more of these statements, there may be underlying issues corrupting your relationship.

Don’t let the relationship checklist results scare you

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