Body talk. I know. This topic is a tough one to discuss. It’s a topic full of defense mechanisms and guards. It’s tough to navigate. Or rather, it’s difficult in a tight rope sort of sense. One misstep, too much or too little transfer of weight, and you’re falling. Some of us only fall a little, yet there are others who wonder if they’ll ever hit the ground. It’s a topic that shouldn’t be this way though. Because, well, it’s the one thing truly carrying us through this life. This is why it’s time we have to start listening. What is your body actually telling you?

Our Bodies

I know this time of year can come with a lot of stress. For the younger generations, it’s time for finals and end of year projects. And for us older folks, work starts picking up when all you want to do is pick up and run away towards the sun. We tend to have more financial stress in these coming months. We debate if we can really take that spring/summer vacation. Or wonder if we should invest in a pool, motorcycle, or another summer toy.

But for all of us, there’s another stressor making an appearance this month. Coming out to play after months of sweaters, holidays, mashed potatoes, and Netflix.

Our Bodies

Friends. It’s time we start being a bit kinder to ourselves. And it’s time we have some real body talk conversation. But instead of us doing the talking, our body is going to take the microphone. It’s time we truly listen to our bodies. They are trying to tell us so much. But we aren’t always willing to listen.

Our Bodies Want Balance

Honestly, that’s the secret.

Our bodies just want some balance. They want to eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and proteins. Our souls ache for nature and adventure. They want us to have a healthy relationship with exercise. So we can do things like climb mountains and swim in the sea. They want us to rest when we are tired. Eat when we are hungry. Move and explore when we are stimulated to do so.

Our bodies want us to love them. They only ask that we take care of the vessel we were provided to live in. Our bodies want us to listen to them when they try to communicate with us. They just want us to sleep. And stay hydrated. Maybe eat some plants here and there. And go on long walks, runs, or bike rides in the fresh air.

We Are So Hard on Ourselves

And it’s so unnecessary that we are. And again, I know. It’s hard not to be. Society throws all kinds of ideals at us. Telling us we need to be this tall. Or weigh this much. And have hair that is incredibly shiny and smooth. Oh and skin that’s bronzed by the sun.

Being all these things isn’t realistic. It’s hard to look like a fitness influencer when we have classes to take and careers to focus on and kids to chase. Normal people aren’t influencers. We have a different kind of life. A different kind of work. We don’t get to set our own schedules. Some of us are lucky and can. And some of us are able to work remotely when we can. But that’s not the norm.

And that’s perfectly okay!

We can only do our best with the cards we’ve been dealt.

Our DNA is different. We come from different gene pools and heritages. We stem from different economic classes and geography. It’s time to celebrate our differences and accept ourselves for who we are. Body included.

Join CPA on this Body Talk Conversation

This month, we are going to continue down this body talk path. I want to talk about healthy relationships with food. Healthy relationships with exercise. But most importantly. Healthy, kind, and loving relationships with ourselves. Because whether you believe it or not, you (and your body) are worthy of love.

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