A few good men. Where are they? Do you find yourself attracted to the same types of men? Are you looking back and seeing each relationship you’ve had repeat the same patterns? Do you feel like you are stuck in the Twilight Zone with no hope ever to find the man of your dreams? You are not alone and this is definitely something you can fix!

Why do Patterns Keep Repeating?

So why the heck do you keep falling into this repetitive process and a seemingly never-ending line of crappy relationships? Often times it isn’t that you are attracting the wrong types of men, it is that you accept the wrong types of men. You may be struggling with underlying feelings of low self-esteem, psychological trauma, or a lack of assertiveness.

As women, our biological clocks (and doting Aunt Gertrudes!) remind us that there is a limit to our fertility and this can cause us to turn a blind eye to things we would normally deem as “deal breakers” or “red flags.” If having a family is important to you, don’t give up on that dream, but don’t settle for the next warm body to fill a void. Find a man who you would want your future daughter to seek out! After all, this is the guy who will be helping guide and form your child’s beliefs and values surrounding relationships. If you wouldn’t want your child dating someone who acts like your current partner, stop wasting your time!

Negative Thoughts

Sometimes we have these nagging negative thoughts that pop into our head when we least expect it. Sometimes we don’t even realize they are speaking and leading us. These negative core beliefs can form very early on in our development and steer us into believing they are fact and we must obey them! But this just isn’t true! These kinds of issues can lead to us thinking that we are not worthy of our ideal mate, that they would never accept us, and that we should just accept this dud and all his flaws. Again…this is not true! You are glorious and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

We all have flaws. You will most likely never find that 100% perfect person. However, we aren’t just talking about people who chew with their mouths open, leave the toilet seat up, or snore. We are talking about men who are abusive, controlling, may have substance abuse issues, cannot or will not commit, are not available when you need them, are not faithful, are not trustworthy or have values and life goals that are the polar opposite of your own. Therapy can help you understand what negative core beliefs are driving you into dead-end relationships.

Attract One of the Good Men that Exist

If you are sick and tired of the same man showing up on your radar, it is not just their fault. You have a role to play in this. Let’s get working on sorting out your past and get you to your best level of self.  Finding one of the good men out there can start with the belief that it is possible to find him. It starts with the belief that you deserve to be with one of the good men that exist.

Once you are truly accepting of you and all your amazingness, you will be ready to find love. Not Prince Charming, but real, authentic, quality love. Call us now!


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