Introducing Christopher Wilson

I work with LGBTQIA+ clients to accept themselves and others

I know that accepting yourself is hard

No one should feel unwanted or unloved just because of who they are.  But even today, that is often the case.  Sometimes that lack of acceptance is only in your own mind.  More frequently it is the reality of what many of my clients deal with.  I can help you deal with:

  • Your own self-doubt and insecurities

  • Understanding how to accept yourself

  • Feeling worthy of acceptance from others – especially parents and siblings

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You can live in a world in which you are accepted

Our journey begins with self-acceptance and feeling worthy, then deals with coming to terms with the reality of relationships with partners, siblings, and friends. We then work on building a new group of supportive friends and a new interaction pattern with old relationships grounded in what’s real instead of the projected illusions – especially with parents.

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Lets Get Real

Mental health, wellness, and acceptance look different for everyone, what works and feels correct might be wrong for others. Everyone’s path has crossroads littered with gaps in judgment and misinformation. My clients are dealing with real issues; a miss understanding of themselves, job and body insecurity feeling out of place in a community that is supposed to accept them, depression, addiction, self-harm, and Suicidality. Here are some examples that I have gone through and worked with:

  • As a young woman, you may come to realize the concept of a childhood crush is benign to you

  • You might be a man be a who questions what it means to be a masculine and who I am allowed to find attractive

  • You might be a woman in a committed relationship who has never asked themselves what they want or who they really are, is now asking themselves if there are transgender

  • You are a gay man who has finally comes to terms with who they are but now finds themselves on the outside of a community that once embraced them

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My process

My approach while working with members of the LGTQIA+  community is very empathetic, warm, direct, honest, and welcoming. My technique works best with individuals ages 14 and up, couples and families. We will work together to accommodate your lifestyle and goals.  My style of counseling does change depending on the client and the situation, but in general, I use techniques from:

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Person Centered Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Motivation Interviewing Therapy

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Your end result

To help you get to your end result in addition to the techniques that I list above we will use some of the following techniques to help you get to your desired destination.

  • Identifying coping skills

  • Mediation

  • Discovering  strengths and weaknesses

  • Modeling

  • Strength building activities

You have confidence and acceptance in yourself. A sense of peace and control is now present and when a problem occurs you will have the tools necessary to tackle it head-on. Instead of running away from your fears, you will have the confidence to rise above.

Through counseling, you can achieve more positive self-talk, better social skills, healthy relationships, coping skills, and boundary-setting skills.

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When was the last time someone listened to you?  Really listened and provided active feedback.

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