Introducing Stephanie Stevens: A Compassionate Guide for Healing and Personal Growth at CPA-Counseling

Hey there! It’s Chrissy from CPA-Counseling, and I am beyond excited to introduce you to our newest team member, Stephanie Stevens! Stephanie is a caring and dedicated therapist specializing in trauma work, addiction recovery, and co-occurring disorders. Her humanistic approach empowers clients to find strength and hopesin themselves, making her a perfect fit for our team.

Stephanie’s Background

Stephanie has extensive experience in the addictions field and a passion for helping clients heal from trauma. She has completed her basic training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and frequently employs modalities such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Stephanie’s Approach

Stephanie believes in the power of unconditional support and offers different perspectives on clients’ journeys. She demonstrates patience and empathy when clients open up about their trauma, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. Stephanie is dedicated to helping clients find the coping skills that work best for them, such as mindfulness or changing negative thought patterns.

The Impact of Trauma and Grief

Stephanie has witnessed firsthand the transformative effect of addressing unresolved trauma and grief in clients’ lives. Through EMDR and other therapeutic techniques, clients can heal and gain a new perspective on their everyday lives, build resilience, and make the desired changes.

The Connection Between Trauma Work and Addiction Recovery

Recognizing the strong link between trauma work and addiction recovery is important. Oftentimes, unresolved trauma and grief can contribute to the development of addiction and other disorders. As clients explore and process their traumatic experiences, they can better understand the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors. Stephanie’s expertise in trauma work and addiction recovery enables her to provide comprehensive support, addressing the interconnected nature of these challenges. By helping clients confront their trauma and develop healthy coping strategies, Stephanie facilitates lasting healing and empowers them to break free from the cycle of addiction. This holistic approach ensures that clients can rebuild their lives on a solid emotional well-being and resilience foundation.

We are thrilled to welcome Stephanie Stevens to the CPA-Counseling family and look forward to her positive impact on our clients as they navigate life’s challenges. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with Stephanie to embark on your healing and personal growth journey!


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