Therapy can be for individuals, families, couples, and other groups as well. We strive to offer high-quality therapy, tailored to meet your specific needs so we may adjust sessions as you and your therapist see fit.

We will never force you to talk to someone or bring additional people into treatment, but if is something you would be interested in doing, we can absolutely accommodate that!  Remember: Therapy is all about you and getting you back to living the life you want!

Couples counseling or marriage counseling can be done in conjunction with individual sessions.  So if you are having trouble in a relationship, we want to work with you and your partner! Sometimes during couples’ sessions, individual issues surface that may need a bit more attention and we can set up additional time to do so. If someone calls in for couples sessions we will usually start the process by having the couple come in together and then doing one individual session each before delving into couples work.

Family counseling is another option if the issues spread past your relationship with your partner. If you would like to improve your communication and cohesion as a family, we can see the entire family all at once or break things into smaller subgroups! We also offer help with co-parenting during and after divorce!

Sometimes people begin counseling by themselves and find that it would be helpful to have important people join them for a variety of reasons. Some of these can be to work on short-term relationship issues, helping the loved one understand them more, or just to give a second perspective on an issue.

When we work with children, especially very young kids, we often pull parents into sessions to teach new parenting interventions, help them understand why a child is acting a certain way, or just get a parent’s point of view on what to work on with the child. Teens typically enjoy their independence. We will provide parent updates as needed. The age of consent for mental health in PA is 14 years of age.