What is Work – Life Balance and how do you get it?

Ask ten people the definition of work-life balance and you will get twenty answers depending on how stressed out they are when they answer.  While difficult to define balance, it’s pretty easy to wake up one day and discover that you don’t have it.  I have a three-month program designed to help you not only understand what balance means for you, but also guide you in making that balance a reality in your everyday life – the life you were born to live.

Why not spend a few minutes and look at the three short videos below to get an idea of who I am, the signs of an unbalanced life, and how this program may be able to help you start experiencing – or maybe get back – the life you’ve been missing.

Who am I?

I am a firm believer that the relationship between counselor and client is crucially important – and therefore I strive to create a warm, caring environment in which to promote insight, healing, and growth.  This is especially true when I help people deal with work life balance issues.